These 4 stress causers are totally unexpected!

Stress and anxiety are the two fiercest villains of the 21st century. Identifying the major causes of stress is crucial. There are universal stressors everyone deals with such as money, major life changes (think buying a home or getting married), disease, or work, Then there are smaller stressors which might go by unnoticed but are the ones that need to be given major attention because they pile up on you for years and result in various health issues. Smaller stressors, Unlike major stressors, can be mitigated. But before that, you need to familiarize yourself with the stress causing agents. Here are some of the lesser known stressors, 


1. Lying


 Lying is part of what keeps the human race operating effectively with one another. Telling little white lies help get you through the day. they keep the peace and are fine with. But telling harmful lies that too repeatedly can cause serious harm to oneself. Those who lie frequently add unwanted stress to their life. Stress is caused when you lie and are afraid you’ll get caught. If this happens repeatedly and you always fear getting caught it causes chronic stressChronic stress is proven to create a swarm of health issues as your body is in an elevated state of awareness, all the time. 

To get rid of the stress from lying, it’s best not to tell harmful lies. To begin with, accept the truth for yourself, take responsibility, and move on. Whatever your story might be or however deeper you hole might have been dug, it is always better to come clean or start anew. 

2. Loneliness


A little history time: when our ancestors were lonely, it meant they were cast out from the tribe, forced to live on their own in isolation. Fast forward to this time, this is the reason why loneliness causes stress. There is a growing evidence that people who spend most of their lives alone have elevated stress levels, higher chances of getting into depression, apparently die earlier and are prone to an array of health issues. 

To fix this, Spend some time building up a rock-solid support group The best option would be your family as you can depend on them at any point of your life. Many who are not as close to their family, a high-quality group of friends should be your next option. Surround yourself with people who offer stability and consistent comfort in your life. Go out and put yourself in situations to meet new friends, or perhaps a partner. 

3. Driving


Would you have guessed that even on a normal day, without any traffic, driving could cause stress, too? Your brain is in a heightened state when you drive.  even if you don’t always notice, your brain always knows that you are driving… hurling down the lane, in a large metal object. Therefore, your brain kicks your body’s awareness factor up many notches. Your body is always on edge and when someone takes over your natural reflex is rage. That is why road rage consumes so many people. 

The solution: the only thing you can do is minimize the amount of time you spend driving to reduce the stress is causes. Use public transport to commute to work if and when possible, these reduce the amount of stress your body experiences. For shorter distances, you can always jog or walk. Apart from being good stress busters, these are refreshing and probably helps sleep a little better that night. 

4. Drinking



Drinking can be a lot of fun especially fun when you’re out on the town enjoying the company of friends. Some drink wine and claim that it calms you down and what not. Many think that alcohol shoos the stress away but it is actually doing quite the opposite. Alcohol is poison and when you get it into your system your body’s immediate reaction is to eliminate it, working your liver and kidneys overtime to get it out. It makes things better just for a short time, but when it wears off everything starts to get worse. Therefore, it stresses you out even more. 

The fix: cut the booze from your diet and start engaging in healthier behaviours, try going for a run instead of reaching for the bottle.It is okay to enjoy the occasional drink but those should be well controlled. It is important to realise that relying on alcohol to ease my problems is a bad habit and should be replaced by other healthier habits. 

These above-mentioned problems are unfortunately the things you can not get rid of in a day. But over time, eliminating or mitigating these activities can have a deep and profound impact on stress levels and your health.