3 Ways To Be More Productive

Seeking help to become a more productive individual, one would expect himself to be a swift and efficient person.This is not the modern way of being more productive. These days work efficiency is only a small subset of productivity. Instead of optimizing for robot-like speed, there are other, more important factors, which determine how much we achieve. Here are some of the ways you can practice and become into a more productive individual.

1. Play tetris



Amazed by the invention of the game tetris by his best friend, Vladimir Pokhilko, a scientist  observed its effects on the human mind. After playing the game he observed that he could see the flying tetris and would find himself arranging the cars in his mind. He was therefore successful in implementing the underlying idea, not just at work, everywhere: to practice creative problem solving. This an easy and fun one We can improve our capacity for innovation. Play more mental games outside of work, like notice if you push the cart, or pull it while grocery shopping.

2. Reassess the problems



Reappraise the problems you have faced or could face in the future at work. Look for the potential solutions to it. As long as it deals with the issue in a way that allows business to continue, any  solution you choose is almost irrelevant. This helps in assessing oneself. One way to cope up and find better solutions resulting yourself in being more productive is by being optimistic. The optimist starts again even after his defeat and  achieves more at work, at school, and on the playing field. Thus, he doesn’t give up easily. 

One practised exercise to improve your self-pep talk is to run your negative experiences through the ABC model:

a.  Adversity: what is the adversity here?

b. Beliefs: which beliefs you hold after the event and whether they are objectively true?

c. Consequence: How do you feel as a consequence?

The idea is that as long as the beliefs you form are rational, good consequences can follow bad events. This will contribute much more to your career in the long run. 

3. Make your own perspective



Another way to be more productive is to choose your own perspective. Through your own perspective you can you can wield tremendous power over your work.In relation with your job, while work dismissing some jobs as categorically unfulfilling would be premature.choosing your perspective is half the work already done, it is like winning half the battle. These  three exercises will help in and be benefiting from your perspective at work and in life too:

a. Reflect on the ways your current work benefits society.

b. Think about how you can relate your job to your core values more by tweaking it in small ways.

c. Find a role model who is inspiring.

 Creative problem solving, reframing obstacles, and consciously choosing your worldview aren’t limited to the office  In contrast to common productivity advice. These are the inputs of a long-term investment. These will help you not to just be more productive at the office but also to lead a productive life. developing the qualities of autonomy, mastery, and purpose in quest of being more productive is a reward in itself.