Well, there are some big controversies that took place in 2017, some of them even historical! Here are some of them (List of 10).
1.GST(The Goods and Services Tax): The advent of GST is one of the revolutionary moves by the Govt. of India, which is looking to strengthen the economic stability of the country in the long term.
GST (Goods and service tax) is the most awaited tax reform after independence. GST aims to bring uniformity and predictable tax in the country. Fewer compliance burdens for the businesses, transparency in transactions, widening the tax coverage are a couple of it’s expecting benefit. Implementation of GST makes sure that there is a balanced tax on goods and services. Most people in rural areas are completely in dark, regarding its effect in their daily life. According to some reports, it is seen that GST will be benefitted most to owners of businesses pan-India, retailers across sectors. Some political leaders even saw GST as the reform structure of the previous tax system and believed that middle and lower class people will be the worst beneficiaries of it. So all the citizens do not pose same positivity regarding GST but it is something that should be daylight clear to all and sundry!

2. The act 35A:
Article 35A, one of the historical act of post-independent India recently picked up the fire in controversies after a petition against it. In a democratic country like India, due to this article, the section of J&K are treated differently unlike other states of the country. The guest citizens residing there are against this act whereas the permanent ones are refusing to give an inch!

3.Controversy on the screening of Padmabati: The screening of the movie Padmabati has created a havoc heated atmosphere among the Rajputs who believe that the director has presented the real historical fact in a distorted way. The situation is getting worse as the leader of them is making all kinds of statements. Whereas a couple of well-known journalist in our country after watching its screening (the movie is not publically released yet) is a stern believer that there is nothing wrong with the story, in fact, it is a beautiful poetry of Rani Padmavati. Now some of the Rajputs are demanding it’s some sort of free screening before it’s public release, it’s interesting to see how filmmakers go about it to tackle its drastic situation.

4. When will Dhoni retire:
Recently there are lot’s of talks on Dhoni’s should retire or left out from limited overs cricket. In a cricket loving and dominating country like where cricket is greater than any sports and cricketers are no short of a star, the talk on former India’s Captain is quite a hot topic trending in most social sites. Former cricketers like V.V.S Laksman, Ajit Agarkar even suggested Dhoni make his way for the younger One’s, on the otherhand Virat and team management and of course, his fans believe that Dhoni still has much to offer for the Indian Cricket.

5.SBI-cutoff & Digitization: After the note ban in late 2016, Digitization of currency has increased in an exponential way, with government promoting in favor of it. With the secrecy of small notes, unavailability of smartphones(which more than 50% population don’t have), restrictions in some of the fields have expedited the critics to speak against it. Recently SBI has set some cut-off balance to avoid excessive charges in both rural and urban areas. Where most of the urban account opened with zero balance & now the banks forced to have some minimum amount for avoiding charges, are giving some headache to consumers and creating confusion among masses.

Some Other Controversies are…
6.Delhi Pollution
7.Gujrat Pole
8.Petrol & Diseal’s successive increase in price.
9.Ban on Tripple Talaq.