20 Amazingly Cheap Places You Should Travel To In 2020!

Bought an iPhone? Congratulations! But how long will the joy of owning an iPhone last – few days, hours or months? Just imagine if you could buy yourself one of the best Cheap international trips at the same or a lesser price, the memory of which would last for a lifetime! You read it right, there are some amazing vacation spots around the world, where you can travel for as low as 50,000 and that’s for a round-trip! 20 Here We Go for Amazingly Cheap International Places You Should Travel To In 2020!

If you do thorough research and plan well, then you can travel even the most expensive countries on a budget. Here is all the information you would need to plan a trip to cheap international destinations from India.

20 Budget International Trips from India in 2020

Below is a list of 20 Amazingly Cheap DEatinations under 50k that’ll cost you less than an iPhone. Keep scrolling down and pick a spot for your next international trip. If you carefully plan your vacation and in advance, you could save some bucks and the entire cost of a trip will come out to be cheaper. Take a look at this list of all the cheap countries to visit from India.

1. Thailand: Trip Starting from INR 35,000

Cheap Destination - Thailand
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Topping the charts is the world-renowned destination – Thailand. Indulge in its beaches, mountains, culture, food, and more. And the best part is, it is one of the cheap international destinations from India that fits just within the budget for all. It is one of the cheapest foreign trips from India. From adventure enthusiasts to leisure seekers, Thailand offers one of those international trips under 30k from India that is for every kind of traveller.

Places to Visit in Thailand: A combination of any 2-3 cities like Bangkok, Pattaya and coral islands, Ayutthaya, Chiang Mai is a good option to explore the culture of Thailand. Almost every city will be home to a few of the many Ancient Buddha temples, Pattaya floating markets, elephant show and so on.

Interesting Tips: Explore the “tuk-tuk ride”, underwater world, floating market, Thailand’s famous “Some Tam” (Papaya Salad) and needless to say, the street shopping around Victoria’s monument in Bangkok.

Best time to visit: November-April

2. Indonesia: Trip Starting from INR 45,000

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Rich in cultural heritage, visit Indonesia for its encouraging natural beauty bounded by much more! If you are looking for international trips under 1 lakh then Indonesia is one destination that you can surely consider! It is really is perfect for a low budget foreign trip. You could also plan your trip around the time of festivals in Indonesia for a unique cultural experience. Indonesia happens to be one of the best and cheap foreign trips from India without a visa. So, travel to this beautiful destination of luxury and tranquillity without any hassles!

Places to Visit in Indonesia: Make sure to visit places like – Bali, Java, Yogyakarta, Jakarta, and Sumatra. Don’t miss out on things like Bali Village cycling tour, Spa treatments at places like Anika spa, water sports, and volcano tours.

Interesting Tips: A shoestring traveller can spend as little as INR 800 per day and still explore the scenic island country! But confine yourself to selected cities as budget accommodation can be limited and also flying from one island to another is much more expensive.

Best time to visit: May-September

3. Seychelles: Trip Starting from INR 40,000

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Seychelles Islands would definitely match your requirement if you prefer to diagram an inexpensive overseas tour. Nestled amidst the glowing Indian Ocean, this African kingdom is in truth an archipelago shaped with the aid of over one hundred islands. Famed for its boundless herbal splendour and picture-perfect vary of beaches, it is the best area to take price range worldwide journeys with your household or higher half.

Places To Visit in Seychelles: Mahe Island, La Digue, Vallée de Mai, Anse Source d’Argent, Frégate Island, and more

Interesting Tips: Choose to journey round through bicycles to make certain you experience the herbal splendour of this island kingdom to the fullest.

Best time to visit: April-May, October-November

4. Qatar: Trip Starting From INR 45,000

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The lovely splendour of the Persian Gulf, Qatar is one of the most prismatic traveller vacation spots amongst the Arab countries. If you nevertheless haven’t explored this location then make positive that you design your subsequent finances worldwide time out to Qatar this year. There are lots of locations to go to in Doha for an excellent vacation. Qatar additionally occurs to be one of the offbeat locations to take a worldwide time out that is no longer heavy on your pockets! It may additionally no longer be one of the affordable worldwide locations however you can really journey on a budget.

Things to Do: Things to do in the use of a encompass helicopter rides, beaches, dune bashing and camel rides.

Interesting Tips: December and January are the perfect months to discover the gulf location with milder, high-quality and chilly evenings.

Best time to visit: April-May, September-October

5. United Arab Emirates: Trip Starting From INR 50,000

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Another attractive splendour of the Arab phrase is the United Arab Emirates with Dubai as its most valuable traveller jewel. A hub for global tourists, UAE is determined in the bucket lists of countless travellers. If you are one of them then this is the 12 months when you can sketch a finance worldwide day trip and discover the UAE. This land of Sheikhs hides points of interest that by no means fail to encourage awe and blankets experiences that are nothing much less than Royal! Dubai is certainly one of the most inexpensive nations to go to from India.

Places to Visit in UAE: Indulge in city’s exceptional views of Dubai Marina at night time to the neck arching sight of Burj Khalifa.

Interesting Tips: Make use of Dubai’s currently invested apartment bike scheme which permits you to hire sturdy bikes and store cash on taxis.

Best time to visit: October – April

6. Sri Lanka: Trip Starting From INR 35,000

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Sri Lanka is one of the most less expensive overseas journeys from India. Famous for being the fine backpacking destination, it is domestic to landscapes and way of life which is a good deal like India. Visit this domestic away from domestic that solves the motive for these searching ahead to low-cost overseas journeys from India. It is one of the world’s most inexpensive nations to tour from India. With the heady scent of tea plantations encircling the atmosphere, lush inexperienced foliage protecting the floors, and locals serving the mouth-watering dishes, Sri Lanka is a vacation spot that takes away the breath of travellers!

Places To Visit: The ought to go to cities consist of Colombo, Kandy, Nuwara Eliya and Bentota. Also go to world heritage websites like Temple of teeth Relic, boating or fishing on Lake Gregory, tea manufacturing unit visits, Seetha Eliya backyard and temple from well-known Ramayana, turtle hatchery etc. Visit Odel, Majestic town and so forth for shopping.

Interesting Tips: “Aa-yu-bo-wan” is hey in the neighbourhood language. Travelling on public transport such as buses and instruct is normally the preference which is each crowded as properly as cheap!

Best time to visit: December to March for the west coast, April-September for the east coast

7. Cambodia: Trip Starting From INR 25,000

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Cambodia is one of the loveliest but most inexpensive global destinations. The spellbinding structure of cultural heritage, the country of Cambodia will go away you looking for extra with its panoramic and rustic beauty. It is one of the most inexpensive overseas journeys from India.

Places To Visit in Cambodia: The must-visits encompass Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Otres seaside and Kampot. You can journey in Cambodia on finance of INR 2000 per day.

Interesting Tips: Make certain to take an outing to the most famous seashore in Cambodia- Sihanoukville. Attend the gala’s in Cambodia for a shiny experience.

Best time to visit: November-April

8. Vietnam: Trip Starting From INR 40,000

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Vietnam is indeed one of the fantastic locations for price range worldwide trips. Shaped like the letter “S”, mendacity on the jap phase of Indo-Chinese peninsula is Vietnam. In the country you will locate timeless charm and a taste of some other Asian tradition which is why it is one of the fantastic locations to go to in March backyard India.

Places to go to in Vietnam: The high-quality way to store time and cash is to take a quick Yacht or boat cruise in Vietnam except for apparent indulgences like neighbourhood market tours, island tours, and natural world tours. Must-Visit encompasses Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh city.

Interesting Tips: Learn a couple of phrases in Vietnamese like hi there and thank you! Smile all the time here!

Best time to visit: March-May, September-November

9. Bhutan: Trip Starting From INR 35,000

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The scenic united states are additionally known as the ‘land of the Thunder Dragons’ or the ‘Druk Yul’, affords pristine untouched herbal wonders. These 12 months are full of long weekends and Bhutan is one of the exceptional amongst a range of less expensive worldwide locations from India. Head to on a day out to the Shangri La of Himalayas. It is one of the most low-priced overseas journeys from India.

Places To Visit in Bhutan: Must visits in Bhutan encompass Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Haa Valley whilst pinnacle things to do are – Monasteries, temples, farmhouses, go to the National Memorial Chorten, Takin Zoo, and Folk Heritage Museum.

Interesting Tips: The solely way to see the united states of America is both by using foot or using street so don’t neglect to pack your taking walks shoes. Buses, minivans and SUVs can take you nearly somewhere in the country!

Best time to visit: March-May

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10. Nepal: Trip Starting From INR 25,000

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A best excursion vacation spot for all sorts of traveller, surrounded using lofty peaks and scenic landscapes lays Nepal. It is the stunning Country which is every traveller’s pleasure and makes way for the globetrotters to embark on one of the quality-price range global journeys underneath 30k. It is the world’s most inexpensive nations to journey from India.

Places To Visit: Must-visit traveller locations in Nepal consist of Nagarkot, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Pokhara whilst famous matters to do: Devi falls, the gorge of Seti river, go to Bindabasini Temple, Old bazaar of Pokhara

Nepal Travel Tips: Stroll throughout nearby markets in the location to save for some of the terrific Nepalese handicrafts and different trinkets.

Best time to visit: October, November

11. Turkey: Trip Starting From INR 30,000

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You suppose of Turkey and the immediately apparent is Istanbul which also makes it the best-famed visitor spots in the world. It is the world’s most inexpensive overseas tour from India. If you are searching for high-quality finances global journeys from India then you can without a doubt layout a day trip to Turkey!

Places To Visit in Turkey: With that being stated if you determine to have a night time on the city in Beyoglu and Bosphorous, you’ll want to be a little washed up.

Interesting Tips: Break up your sightseeing between day trip backyard the metropolis which falls inside shut proximity.

Best time to visit: April-May, September-November

12. Egypt: Trip Starting From INR 40,000

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Egypt – ‘The Mum-Mummy-A Area’ ought to provide a holiday for a lifetime. If you nonetheless haven’t explored Egypt then take hold of this threat to the diagram of the first-class price range global trips.

Places to Visit in Egypt: Tourist appeal consists of the Pyramids at Giza whilst different visitor cities encompass Alexandria, Aswan, the Red Sea and Sinai.

Interesting Tips: The temperature is generally warm in the course of June-August. Avoid the Western Desert and Mediterranean coast if planning an outing around this time.

Best time to visit: October-April

13. Oman: Trip Starting From INR 30,000

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Oman is the most inexpensive overseas outing from India. Another jewel in the Persian Gulf is Oman with Muscat at its capital which is famed for being the 2nd satisfactory town in the world. It is one of the fantastic price range of worldwide journeys beneath 30K.

Places to Visit: Visit Muscat, Muttrah, Western Hajar and Misfat Al abreyeen.

Interesting Tips: Save a few nights motel price and camp out at properly-recognized visitor spots. The Capital Yacht membership and Oman Dive Centre provides cheaper day rates.

Best time to visit: October-March

14. Russia: Trip Starting From INR 45,000

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Russia is amongst the most attractive as properly as tourist-friendly locations in the world. It truly qualifies for finances-pleasant global journeys from India. And what’s more, its numerous cultures, various traditions, mouth-watering delicacies makes it a quintessential phase of your journey Wishlist! In fact, it’s one of the perfect visited locations in Europe owing to its boundless herbal beauty. Make positive that you cowl Russia in these 12 months as it is one of the pleasant locations to design lower-priced global trips.

Places To Visit in Russia: Moscow, Kazan, Saint Petersburg, Mount Elbrus, St. Basil’s Cathedral, and more

Interesting Tips: Do now not lift your passport with you. Leave your vital tour files at the resort and solely raise a replica of them with you whilst you head out to explore.

Best time to visit: early June when it is springtime in Russia

15. Jordan: Trip Starting From INR 30,000

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Jordan isn’t simply about open-air museums, historic ruins, and awesome skylines. It taking place nightlife and splendid seashores additionally appeal to vacationers from away and extensive and the reality that it is one of the most inexpensive international locations to go to from India makes it even greater lucrative. The scrumptious cuisine, heat and pleasant people, and special things to do make Jordan an adventure-packed and vacation spot for wanderers steeped in history. The authorities are growing Jordan as a vital core for tourism competing with its neighbours, and it has started out contributing extraordinarily in its economy. So, encompass Jordan in your listing of budget worldwide journeys and tick off this vacation spot this year.

Places To Visit In Jordan: Petra, Red Sea, Amman, Wadi Rum, Al Khazneh, and more

Interesting Tips: Women want to put on loose-fitting garments masking their legs, fingers and chest whilst guys are supposed to put on lengthy loose-fitting trousers, T-shirts or excessive collar shirts in the conservative areas in Jordan.

Best time to visit: March-May

16. Paraguay: Trip Starting From INR 45,000

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A less-popular us of an in the South American continent, Paraguay is what every adventurer desire of. It is an unconventional desire for price range worldwide journeys from India. To supply you the genuine vibes of an offbeat holiday, this vicinity boasts of a combination of traditional and cutting-edge residing patterns – a vicinity the place you’ll see carts and Mercedez standing together. That’s right! With a subtropical woodland land like Atlantic in one nook and dense vegetation in Chaco on the different corner, you clearly can’t go incorrect with this place! Plan a price range overseas outing to Paraguay and discover this vicinity with your cherished one, household or friends.

Places to visit: La Santísima Trinidad de Paraná, Monday’s Falls and Yacyretá Dam are some of the locations you can go here.

Interesting Tips: Pistol duelling is nonetheless prison in these united states of America so ways as human beings on each end are blood donors who are duly registered. So, make positive you don’t give up meddling into one if you get to see!

Best time to visit: September-December

17. Laos: Trip Starting From INR 30,000

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If your wanderlust is giving you an itch however your pocket can’t have enough money any, then there is nonetheless one vicinity the place you ought to take an outing without dropping much. Plan a low finance worldwide day out to Laos and have an excellent backpacking trip in this South-East Asian country. In case your geography is weak, then you need to comprehend that Laos shares its borders with Vietnam and Cambodia. It is one of the most wonderful but low-cost nations to go to from India.

Places to visit: Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Vientiane

Interesting Tips: November to January is the exceptional time to visit. Indians get a visa on arrival.

Best time to visit: From October to April

18. Greece: Trip Starting From INR 50,000

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Take low finance overseas outing to the island of Greece and revel in Mediterranean landscapes. Greece is one of the most romantic locations with its captivating surroundings and whatnot. If you graph your excursion carefully, you can simply manipulate low finances worldwide outing to Greece.

Places to go to in Greece: Santorini, Mykonos, Delphi, Nafplio

Interesting Tips: Plan way in advance for finances-pleasant holidays abroad. Carry ample cash. Book your lodge and flights way in advance.

Best time to visit: September-October, April-June

19. Nicaragua: Trip Starting From INR 75,000

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As bizarre as the identity may sound, this is one of the satisfactory lower-priced worldwide journeys you can take. Imagine an area that is fantastically tucked between two excellent nations with a marvellous coastline, that’s Nicaragua. Nestled between Costa Rica and Honduras, Nicaragua is fantastically described as an endless terrain of lakes and seashores and volcanoes.

Places to visit: Admire Granada, Ometepe Island, León, Corn Islands

Interesting Tips: Plan for your price range worldwide journeys when you have enough time on your hands. Carry ample cash. Book your inn and flights way in advance.

Best time to visit: December – April

20. Bolivia: Trip Starting From INR 75,000

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Well, think about a vacation spot the place herbal wonders and which is additionally one of the most inexpensive international locations to go to from India! Well, that’s Bolivia for you. One of the offbeat nations in South America. If you ask what is the most special and unique matters about this united states then it is its versatility. We are nonetheless questioning how one small united states of America can residence mountains, desolate tract and rainforests and even a glass clean lake.

Places to visit: Isla del Sol, Laguna Colorado, North Yungas Road

Interesting Tips: Pick your global vacation locations when you have enough time on your fingers and diagram efficiently. Carry sufficient money and medicines. Book your inn and flights way in advance.

Best time to visit: May – October

Impressed much? there are tons to explore within the world and every one these places will cause you to desire you’ve got been living under a rock till now. So, don’t wait up. Plan the simplest of budget international trips with Travellerspoint so that you’ll just live, love, travel, and repeat on a hassle-free vacation. Ask your friends or plan a surprise budget international trip for your fam and obtainable to step into a replacement country.