19 Ways to De-stress Naturally

Stress stress stress everywhere. These days people are living a burdened life. Their life is full of hustle and bustle. They don’t get time to think, reflect on the things they are doing, they are busy in their so called scheduled lives. Before stress harms us more and before we start freaking out we need to find ways to De-Stress Naturally. So

Here Are 19 Ways To De-Stress Naturally On Weekend

Relax, take a deep breath… Don’t freak out.Calm your mind. Stress can affect your mind, body, soul and can cause health issues like depression, panic attacks, low blood pressure, heart problem. Instead of thinking of stress at this moment we should try to find ways to De-Stress Naturally.

1. Stay in bed, curl up your blanket & just NETFLIX

 You can have the best time. Just you, your bed, your blanket, and NETFLIX.                                                     

 de-stress naturally

2 Clean your room  & surroundings 

 Most of the time we don’t time to clean our own personal dwelling. Cleaning will relieve your stress. And you’ll feel more relaxed.                                                                                                                                      de-stress naturally













3 Dance carelessly on loud music

de-stress naturally 














Dance on the loud music of Drake, Sia & Chainsmokers.  Dancing will lighten your mind and you’ll feel relaxed.

4 Explore Myntra, Koovs, Zoomberg, Shein, Jabong 

 Exploring things online is the best way one can relax and have fun without anyone. Order something for yourself.

de-stress naturally

5 Get in touch with your best friend and plan a day out with her

 Best Friend is the therapy for the day. A hang out with your best friend is a must for a weekend.

de-stress naturally 

6 Sleep for the whole day

Sleep lovers would really understand this. How much it’s difficult for them to get up early in the morning and go to work.Sleeping for the whole day is a thing which they would crave. As one said when you don’t know what to do, just go to sleep.’

de-stress naturally

7 Cook something for yourself

Cooking for yourself like Bake a cake for yourself, try cooking something which you haven’t tried before. If you can’t then the best way is to order online from Foodpanda, Zomato.


de-stress naturally

8 Do some creative work or go for adventure

You can be creative like do sketching, painting, write something like do calligraphy or do something adventurous like river rafting or paragliding. This will you  De-Stress Naturally.

de-stress naturally

9 Go for a morning walk  #if you are a morning person 

Going for a morning walk  is totally up to a person as only a  morning person will enjoy. But if you are planning something new to try then this can be an option.

de-stress naturally

10 Send some gifts to your loved ones

Surprise your parents, siblings, boyfriend, and girlfriends with gifts. Show some love to the people you love.

de-stress naturally

11 Read a book of your favorite author 

Read a book which you have been longing for a long time. The weekend is the perfect time to this thing. Being at home, a cup of hot coffee and your favorite book is a thing which any one would love. ( Booklovers are going to love this. A heaven for them)

de-stress naturally

 12 Do meditation or yoga

Meditating and yoga will relax your mind and will fill your heart, mind, body with tranquility and peace. And at the same time will De-stress Naturally.

de-stress naturally

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13 Go for shopping if you are shopaholic

Shopping is the of one thing which everyone loves.Girls are crazy about shopping.Sneak into any of the mall SELECT CITY WALK, AMBIENCE, MGF.

de-stress naturally

14 Spend some time with people you love

These days’ people are so confined within themselves that they don’t get time for their loved ones. So spending a good amount of time with your near and dear ones will help.

de-stress naturally

15 Get yourself pampered, go to the parlor and spend some time on yourself

Getting yourself pampered is the best one can do to oneself. Get manicure and pedicure done, get spa done. And just relax.

de-stress naturally

16 Go and party with your friends

Who wouldn’t love this? Going to clubs like Cyber Hub, Kitty Su, Privee  & getting lighter with some booze and dancing with your friends. Anyone  would love this kind of weekend

de-stress naturally

17 Do introspection 

The act of self- examining. Doing a self- assessment, considering your own ideas, thoughts, reflecting upon them is the best. And doing SWOT analysis of oneself will help in finding who the person is; this, in turn, will De-Stress Naturally.

de-stress naturally

18 Write a diary or a journal

Weekends are the best time to write a diary or journal when you are free.  This will give a sense of fulfillment. Recollecting the old memories and writing about it will give you immense happiness and will lighten your mind and body.

de-stress naturally

19 Call your friends over the phone

Gossip and bitch to him/ her about anything. Share your experiences with her/ him. Need any advice tell them & you can find answers to your problem. A reassured voice can heal up everything. 

de-stress naturally

So here are just a few ways you can De-Stress Naturally this weekend.

Enjoy your weekend as much as possible. Spoil yourself a little. Groom yourself. And let you enjoy the moment. It’s the best time for anyone.

Just chill and relax