15 destinations for first-time backpackers

Backpacking has become a way of travel all around the world. The number of backpackers has increased, more than ever, with people taking a chance at exploring new horizons and unique experiences while carrying all their essentials in a bag. First-time backpackers need a truly promising destination to travel in budget and truly have an immersive experience of a new place and its culture.

Here are 15 backpackers to make their first trip a memorable one.



  1. Delhi


Delhi is the capital of India and is home to varied cultures, religions, and lifestyle. A backpacking trip in Delhi means a dive into historical times, a sip of a new form of lifestyle and exploring the vivid forms of living here. Full of colorful architectural buildings, promising adventures and mind-blowing drives – Places to visit in Delhi are truly worth a backpacking trip.


  1. Goa

The holiday land of India – Goa is known for its Portuguese influence and boho lifestyle. The extension of beaches, tropical environment and landscapes are reasons enough for people to have a solo trip in Goa and rejuvenate their senses. For backpackers, Places to visit in Goa are a delight that unfolds as and when you start exploring the hidden cafes, mountain points, forts, and waterfalls.


  1. Manali

Manali is one of the popular tourist destinations in India. A backpacking holiday here takes you on a journey through the vast landscapes, valleys, and riverside of the Himalayas and letting you soak into nature in solitude. Manali is one of the heavenly abode that is safe, easy to explore and perfect for a first-time backpacker.


  1. Kerala



With Arabian Sea on the shores, inland Western Ghats, and backwaters – Kerala is another tropical destination with a bag full of places to visit. The vivid landscapes, backwaters, immersive culture, and scenery around turns backpacking trip into a joyous one with something new to explore each day!


  1. Meghalaya


Experiencing the highest rainfall in India, Meghalaya, the abode of clouds is a serene experience. The laid back life of people with close to nature experiences can take you out on a self-advent. The beauty of the rainfall at Cherapunjee, Dawki River, temples and cities of Meghalaya change your perspective towards life.


  1. Rishikesh




On the foothills of Himalayas, Rishikesh in Uttarakhand is a holy city that is also renowned as the Yoga capital of the World. Rishikesh is full of adventures, mountain activities, jungle safaris and immersive experience of the Yogic lifestyle. A backpacking trip to Rishikesh unfolds a lot of mysteries about traveling.


  1. Sikkim


Sharing a border with Tibet, Bhutan, and Nepal, Sikkim is one of the northeastern states of India with a unique culture. The promising mountains give an ecstatic experience of the pahadi lifestyle while making you meet varied cultures in a place. A lot of Tibetan food, Nepali Language and Bhutanese beliefs shape this mighty land and is also one of the most organic states of India.


  1. Hampi



The ruins of Hampi are a sight to behold. This ancient village in Karnataka holds a lot of mysteries with temples from the 7th century, hippie culture, authentic style of living and natural scenery. With people traveling from around the world, Hampi is one of the emerging backpacking destinations in India.


  1. Dehradun




Dehradun is a hill station best known for its Himalayan beauty and silent natural surroundings. An inspiration to the poets and a lot of history, Dehradun with its natural caves, rivers, mountains, and temples is a perfect sight to go exploring while backpacking. A hint of Tibetan culture shapes the lives of people here.


  1. Varanasi




The spiritual capital of India –Varanasi or Banaras is a city by the Ganges River. A holy pilgrimage to the Hindus hosting more than 2000 temples, Sadhu culture, and the beauty of India captured from 11th Century BC is all visible in a glance in Varanasi. It is one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world!


  1. Kaziranga



The state of Assam hosts the Kaziranga National park known for its World’s largest population of One-horned rhinoceros. With Brahmaputra river, forests, wetlands and a simplistic lifestyle of people around – Kaziranga is an ideal backpacking destination in India for beginners on for short trips.


  1. Jaipur




Rich in history, culture, and beauty – Jaipur in Rajasthan is one of the mightiest experiences to have in India. With Jaipur Tour Guide taking you back to the Maharaja lifestyle with forts and city structures, backpacking in Jaipur means diving into the Rajasthani culture with its food, traditional clothing, and local language!


  1. Gulmarg




In the PirPanjal range of western Himalayas, Gulmarg is a solicited beauty of Jammu and Kashmir boasting of its white snow lands and skiing experiences. With beautiful cafes, local houses, local food and vast extension of valleys and mountains to explore – Gulmarg will leave you stunned with its beauty!


  1. Alleppey



From boathouse trips to churches, temples, and culture – Alleppey in Kerala is a wondrous place for travelers. On a backpacking trip to Alleppey, you can sit on boats to travel in the city, visit the mightiest of churches, explore through the canals and lagoons and unwind in the arms of nature.

  1. Munnar

Historical resort for the British Raj Elite and today’s magical hill station, the never-ending tea gardens, chilling beauty and twisty roads of Munnar are an invitation for the backpackers.  A few days of exploring through this hill station can take you away from all the stress. There are a dam, landmark peaks, and wildlife parks to explore too.

Packing your bags already? Which destinations are you choosing for your first time backpacking experience?