10 Best Travel Hacks No One Ever Told You About

Travelling is a time to relax, to let down your hair and momentarily let go of all things that are weighing you down. However, to make the most of it, you should definitely have some time-saving and best travel hacks up your sleeve. They will help to streamline your trips, ease most of the headaches, and make sure you’re spending minimum amount of money and maximum duration of time in a chilled-out vacation mode. Number of things that can stump you are literally plenty but taking care of only a few things can help you avoid majority of them.

Best Travel Hacks to make your next trip enjoyable, hassle free and economical :-

Go incognito or flush your cookies

An article on best travel hacks can never be complete without stressing on the importance of using incognito during researching. Airlines use the concept of dynamic pricing where prices hike in proportion to demand and frequency of your visits. Every time you refresh or open the same website again they begin to perceive you as a likely customer and thus elevate the prices. So make sure not to leave behind digital footprints as you go browsing for prices of different airlines. Either use an incognito tab or way off your web search history to prevent sites from tracking your movement. By this you will get the most basic and honest prices without any extra pricing.


Best Travel Hacks


Make some pre bookings

It is a basic yet one of the best travel hack that travelers across the world swear by. Last minute plans and bookings are a big No-No if you are running a little low on budget. Make sure to make bookings at least 2 months before the day of your departure in case of international travel and 15 days-1 month in case of domestic case to avoid paying sky rocketing fares. Also keep a lookout for the way the prices of flights or trains vary to make sure you get the cheapest deal. For this you can also use Comparison Websites. These compare the flight prices across various websites on the internet and helps you find the cheapest one.


Use Wi-Fi and google maps smartly

One thing all of us miss while travelling is access to internet services, which surely makes things difficult. So it’s very important to keep a few things in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises. To avoid coming home to a hefty bill from your service provider make sure to keep your mobile data off. However, keep the Wi-Fi option on so that you can use the free Wi-Fi provided at airports, hospitals, restaurants etc. Also while you still have the connection set up the google maps by searching for all places which you intend to visit and star them. Then even with no internet connection GPS will track your position, enabling you to easily cover all the places as well as save tons of time. Getting lost in an unknown place can be scary and a crippling thought so do make sure to always have this hack up your sleeve.


Best Travel Hacks


Pack light and carefully

Carry on can be your best friend through that long cumbersome journey so make sure it is properly equipped with all the things you might require. Carry slippers, a set of under garments and a little set of toiletries like tooth paste, hand soap etc. to keep yourself refreshed. Avoid over packing as it will only drag you down all through the trip. Try to carry least luggage possible. It will also help you save money on checked package fees. You can also set a travel theme which will allow you to pair up clothes and consequently reduce the number of items. Rolled up clothes help save space as well as avoid creases and wrinkles. Comfy clothes are a must, and girls you can also load up accessories for a chick look. Also, before checking in make sure to mark your bag as ‘Fragile’. By this, your bag will be one of the first bags on the baggage claim belt saving you from the dreadful process of waiting for the luggage.


Best Travel Hacks


Go for a travel fit outfit

Tight fighting, short and over fancy clothes will only add to your misery of long travelling hours. So dress up in a normal T-shirt, comfortable lower and slip-ons. They will keep you comfortable, won’t attract any unnecessary attention, will automatically speed up security check and will relieve you of the stress of deciding what to wear. A note to all my women friends, make sure to keep a scarf with you at all times. This seemingly simple piece of cloth is in reality very multifunctional. You can use it to cover you face and hair from extreme climate, block light from your eyes, use it as a pillow or simply wear it around your neck for a gorgeous look.


Best Travel Hacks


Be prepared

If the languages known to you are not commonly spoken at that place, download google translate in advance. The is one of the best travel hacks that can help you a lot. Also try to memorize a few basic words and phrases for emergencies and ease. Also for emergencies keep a personal hand on stash of things that might be difficult to find like cotton, aspirin, band aid, antacids and antibacterial cream.


Play around with your Boarding Point and Destination point

A little flexibility in terms of the boarding point and destination point can save you tons of money. Every airline has a hub within each country where they have to pay relatively lower taxes, dropping the flight prices as well. So look for nearby destinations if the place you are travelling to is less popular and then take a domestic flight or train from there. Direct flights are way more expensive for such places so try to avoid them. Also there is a huge margin between flights from metro cities and relatively smaller places, so if possible reach your nearest metro via some other mode of transport and take the flight from there.


Look for alternatives for local travel

Arriving at your destination is not the ultimate target. You still have all the places to cover, doing which in an efficient manner is very important if budget is an issue. Using cars or taxis for every commute will not only burn a hole in your pocket, but will also get you stuck in dreadful traffic jams. To avoid this, research beforehand about local means of transport available at the place. They can be autos, rickshaws, trains, tempo etc. There use will provide the additional benefits of flexibility, discovering some good places you didn’t even know about and getting to connect with the place at a much deeper level.


Best Travel Hacks


Get a ForEx Card

In this amazing list of best travel hacks, this is undoubtedly the most important one that guarantees a hassle free travel. A Forex card can be obtained from any bank and is a very safe option for travelers. These are pre-loaded and allow you to access money in the required local currency. The currency conversion rate will be charged according to the exchange rate on the day you loaded the money. This way it saves you from exchange rate fluctuations during the travelling period. The benefit it provides over normal credit or debit card is removal of that additional 3% service charge they charge for each transaction. You don’t have to carry any liquid money also. So the next time you travel stay away from those money extorting currency exchanges to save your hard earned money and time.


Best Travel Hacks


Keep a virtual documentation of all Important ID Documents

Here is an another very important hack in this list of best travel hacks. Nothing is scarier than getting robbed of your identity in a foreign place. While things like phones, laptops, camera, jewelry maybe high on your priority list, identity is by far the most essential thing. So make sure to email everything to yourself and family members for easy access. By everything I mean a copy of your itinerary, passport, driver license, Aadhaar card and any documents with information necessary to safeguard you in such event. It’ll save you a massive amount of time and headache in case of any mishap. You can also use it to jog your memory about the places you tend or thought of visiting.


Best Travel Hacks


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A bit of research, a bit of planning, a bit of preparation, these Best Travel Hacks and a desire to explore the unknown are all you need to have the time of your life. However, with the pressure of having a perfect holiday, make sure you don’t miss out on the most important thing that is to enjoy yourself. Travel is food for the soul. It will fill you with unparalleled euphoria and help make memories that you will forever cherish in your heart. So take a break from your exhausting routine and get out there to experience stories you will always be proud to tell later.