10 Best New Year Resolutions For A New You

It's that time of the year again! Undoubtedly, there is no better combination than family, friends and food. But the holiday cheer is slowly waning as you realize you ate a bit too much biryani, you're best friends from school are getting married while you are as single as a pringle, And you're skin resembles the moon- by which I mean it's full of craters. 'Tis the season of regrets and mistakes. The good news? New Year’s is almost here and with it the possibility of change, hope and miracles. So here’s a list of 10 new resolutions you should definitely not break!

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Probably the most common new resolution, not to mention, the most commonly broken resolution as well; if you had to pick between a salad and a decadent, chocolate cake, the majority of the population would pick the latter. Eat healthy:So avoid the misery of choosing and empty your cabinets of unhealthy snacks. Switch out chips with carrots, the carbohydrates with protein.

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Exercise more:  To all the people suffering from chronic couch potato syndrome, this resolution is a must. According to research, 60% of gym memberships remain unused, so instead of going for an Olympic athlete’s workout routine, start small- walk your neighbor's dog, take the stairs instead of the elevator. Science says that it takes around 21 days for a habit to develop, so persist for those initial 3 weeks and soon you won’t be able to imagine a time without the obligatory morning run.

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Get more sleep: It not only prevents you from resembling a raccoon, but getting the mandatory 7-8 hours of sleep will also improve memory, increase work performance, stabilize weight and lower stress. The merits are limitless, so skip the ritual of pulling an all-nighter and catch some z’s.

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Travel: Any travel-enthusiast would agree that travelling is the ultimate remedy- stepping out of your comfort zone, boosting self-confidence and experiencing the marvels of the world can substantially increase mental health. So learn from Dora and explore! The world is your oyster!

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Cut down on Social Media: In the era of technology, it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities and focus on the number of likes, comments and followers on your Facebook page. So detox yourself and go on an internet cleanse, shut down your Wi-Fi one day per week. Spend some quality time with the family or go gardening, to smell the roses (literally and metaphorically)

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Spend more 'Me' Time: For the daily dose of alone time required for introspection, reflection and a calm mind. Ignore the hustle and bustle of daily problems; take advantage of a peaceful nook and let go of the stress and tension.

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Drink more water: Drinking water is a vastly underrated resolution despite being one of the most important. Water not only keeps you hydrated and balances your body fluids; it also controls calories and leads to radiant looking skin and hair. So make sure not to break your standard 8 glass per day policy.

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Learn a Skill: Taking up self-defense classes or learning programming, learning a new skill not only breaks the monotony of routine but also adds an invaluable ability that will improve efficiency and critical thinking.

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Meditate: Said to improve mental hygiene; to have a healthy body, you must first have a healthy mind. Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration and encourages a healthy lifestyle. So set aside 30-60 minutes every morning for a light session of yoga.

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Go on an Adventure: Whether it’s bungee jumping or doing a movie marathon, the routine of everyday life can be a bore and increases stress and kills creativity, so grab your map & compass and learn how to scuba dive or rock climbing, the options are limitless.