10 Healthy Late Night Snacks to avoid sleepless nights with proper nutrition

If you have to choose healthy late night snacks from a list, Some struggled nights you just need a little bit something just before the sleep due to keeping your stomach fill and you can sleep properly, you need some healthy late night snacks. As your stomach is screaming in a loud fashion at late night that as a result you know you won't be able to sleep unless you eat something just as snacks or dinner just didn't do it, snacks will not only satisfy you but can also promote better one. To avoid turning this habit into a regular meal, cap snacks at 180 to 230 calories, it will also help you to be perfect and fit as well as to fulfill the demands of your stomach. Here is the list of 10 healthy late night snacks which will help you to survive with proper nutrition.

Top 10 healthy late night snacks :


healthy late night snacks

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1. Small Bowl Of Rice :


A small bowl of rice at midnight just before the sleep can be decreased the chances of poor sleep by 46%, recently a research showed the statistic. It is far better than bread, which has no effect and also better than noodles also so a small bowl of rice can enhance your sleep. This is one of the best in healthy late night snacks.


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2. Tart Cherry Juice :

Adults, who are suffering from Insomnia, two cups of Tart Cheery juice is proven to be a really good medicine, as well as healthy late night snacks. So you can also try it as it has melatonin, which will give you the proper nutrition with a peaceful sleep.


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3. Spiced Popcorn :


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At only 40 calories a cup, air popped spiced popcorn is an ideal late night movie or sports watching healthy late night snacks food. The ingredients in popcorn control the release of insulin, which has been proven to control your circadian clock by which your sleep will be 5 times better than normal.


4. Banana Smoothie :


A pair of banana and toned milk, the smoothie gives us vitamin D and calcium. These two ingredients have been associated with decreased the norms of having problems falling and staying asleep—18 and 17%, respectively by a survey of a famous food magazine. So it will prove to be the best in the entire list of healthy late night snacks.


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5. Ginger Tea With Dates :


Sleepaholic loves the idea of taking nighttime ginger tea because it sets up a sleep process that controls your brain it's time to turn off and go to bed. If you add some date with the tea then it is heavenly. The combination is worth to have before sleep in the healthy late night snacks.

6. A Cup Of Soup :


A cup of soup at your starter is a goop d and proven a healthy one for stomach, but it is also a good product to have at night to sleep tighter as a healthy late night snack. As warm liquids are always soothing for belly so soup is always the best option to fight hunger at late night.


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7. Almond Butter With Bread :


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The bread itself is not a good thing to have at night, but with almond butter, it is a good option for a late night snack. Almond has a protein that increases the chances of sleep tight at night and it is also available easily after rice, so it can be your option at night for healthy late night snacks.


8. Whole Grain Crackers :


Not only high in carbs but it also has a good source of Vitamin B, so at night with this, you can easily bid goodbye to hunger and can gain some extra bit of energy and it really needs not too much problem in availability.


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9. Cookies :


With low calorie, cookies are the best option to eat at night as it has the food value which will give you protein in late night as it also removes hunger.


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10. Small meatball :


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Instead of pizza, a meatball is a good option for the late night sleepers, as it has much less calorie than pizza and also has a good taste which will give nutrition as well as a tremendous sleep as well as healthy late night snacks.