SINO-INDIA RELATIONS- What went wrong?

The India-China debacle has been the part of the international news, for quite some time now. These strained situations, which have a major impact on our international relations, have a deep historical context, which directs us to the past, which started this. The Sino-India relations are commonly referred to the bilateral relations between the Indian […]

Aadhar Security

WikiLeaks reports can put India’s aadhaar security at risk

WikiLeaks claimed that the securities of the aadhaar data are in danger. Hence, it can put the aadhaar security at risk. As we have been getting the news about the threat. As a result, it can cause a huge disruption for India. In addition, WikiLeaks issued a memo, claiming that US based firm, CIA is […]

Constitution Of India- A Genesis Of The President

Who is a President? A presidential framework is a just and Republican arrangement of government where a head of government drives an official branch. The official branch is separate from the authoritative branch. He is the first citizen of India and also the head of the Constitution of India.This head of government is likewise the […]

RamNath Kovind-Unknown facts about the Indian President

Unknown Facts About The Indian President-Ram Nath Kovind

After winning the 2017 Presidential elections, Ram Nath Kovind took oath as the 14th President of India on July 25th, 2017. Declared as the National Democratic Alliance candidate on the suggestion of Amit Shah, Ram Nath Kovind received 7, 02,044, (65.65% ) votes against the former Lok Sabha speaker Meira Kumar gaining the Presidential Powers. […]

president powers

Presidential Powers In India-Do We Know All Of Them?

President is the titular head of the state, who exercises the absolute power over the state and the legislature. The president is known as the first citizen of any country. In India, the president is the head of the state and commander-in-chief of the Indian Army. Indirectly elected by the people, Presidential powers are exercised […]