Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani: Life lessons

Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a 2013 Indian comedy-drama film. It was a blockbuster hit. The film was about four friends going on a trip and then they got separated in their own ways. Ranbir Kapoor, playing the character of Bunny has been an inspiration for end number of people. He was a journalism student and […]

Top 10 famous Photographers of all time

Firstly, let us know what Photography really means? Photography means ‘writing with light.’ Photography is an art of capturing images of moments that happen. Photography is a lot bigger concept than one can imagine. With the right equipment and knowledge, one can click some amazing pictures.  But what a photographers needs to have to stand […]

Advantages of E-commerce

You know what it takes to become an entrepreneur from my previous articles. Now, In this article I’m going to elaborate on the topic, ‘E-commerce.’ What is E-commerce? Commercial transaction that is done over the internet, It’s the most advanced form of Business form. E-commerce is the new trend in the world of business today. […]

What is M-commerce?

What is M-commerce?  Transaction/Trading that takes place over phone is called M-commerce. Look around you and tell me if you find anything which is not a business. The non-profit organisations which are registered are also running not to provide free services. They are only compelling you be the part of their business. You are not […]

Ways to grow your business

Ways to grow your business Business is an activity involving trading of money and goods. One needs to know that in the world of business there is nothing like easy success. It is not like a job where you put in efforts for a limited amount of time. The hustle is serious and you got […]

Top 5 outfits for men

Here are the top 5 outfits for men, these will never go out of fashion.   Outfit 5:  The modern look I know sometimes people are not happy with the Ripped jeans idea. You can replace the ripped jeans with simple straight or tapered fit jeans and this outfit will look equally handsome on you. […]