7 things 2017 taught us not to do

7 things 2017 taught us not to do   Years do come and pass by but they leave us with memories which are hard to forget. Memories are crucial when it comes to decision making and segregating the definitive choices.   The year 2017 was not less than a roller coaster ride. Happening of events […]

Sister Love

Do You Have a Sister?   The only lady who loves you the most after your mother is your sister. The word sister is of great importance in my life. Bringing a smile on her face would no less than a soul-satisfying moment for me. When a baby girl is born she brings lots of happiness to […]

Benefits of coconut oil

Coconut oil creating wonders that your cosmetics cannot! Wonder how our grandmothers used to have amazing skin even in their old age? Yes, we all know that it’s maybe because of not using makeup but also their simple & usual moisturization remedy; coconut oil! Coconut oil is not only good for cooking but also a […]