FIFA under 17 2017: #Footballtakesover.

5th December 2013, our beloved nation India receives the task of hosting the all-time favorite sports World cup FIFA under 17. Yep! The one thing that all football fans would dream of have come true.  We can enjoy the matches not on our TV screens but can visit the live matches in famous stadiums and […]


Padmavati Trailer Out! A Tale Of Lust And Valour

One of the oldest civilization, Indian culture stores in itself many historical stories, myths, and struggles. Many of these stories have been given a cinematic representation with all its grandeur. From reminding the nation of the Indian freedom struggle, presenting the biography of political leaders like Bhagat Singh, Gandhi etc. to recreating the ancestral lives […]

unbelievable places in india

Unbelievable Places In India: The Land Of Mysteries

Unity in diversity: a term that we associate with India for its rich culture and heritage. Be it anything from mouth smacking food, arts to architecture, everything adds to form a cultural treat for your senses. This space is a roller coaster ride with a blend of its varied culture and scenic beauty that forms […]

Blue Whale Challenge: The Virtual Killer

It’s the 21st century and technology has taken over most of the daily chores of our lives. Be it washing clothes or utensils, from paper books to art files, we have either appliances or applications to complete the task. While older generation indulged in outdoor games our generation has been sticking to smartphones, iPad, Xboxes […]

woman beyond alphabets

A Woman Beyond The Twenty-Six Alphabets

"And though she be but little, she is fierce." -Shakespeare on woman (Midsummer Night Dream) With Lipstick Under my Burkha doing successful rounds in the Indian cinema, after being involved in a series of controversies, with the Central Board of Film Certification it was quite unclear what was behind the decision. To say that the movie […]