This Rakshabandhan- Make it Special

It’s the month of August and tomorrow is the day that marks the beginning of the Indian festive season. Yes! It’s Rakshabandhan, the day that celebrates the irritating yet the most precious bond between siblings. On this day sisters tie a sacred thread around her brother's wrist taking a promise of her protection. source However, […]

naughty dads with innocent babies

10 Amazingly Cute Pics of Kids With Their Naughty Dads

All love begins and ends with motherhood once said, Sir Robert Browning. What about dads? Well, fathers are those heroes who not only represent discipline and responsibility but also put the craziest, best foot forward with their laid-back attitudes and hilarious dad jokes. When left alone with their little babies they become "naughty dads" or […]

Oppo F5 : Get your selfie game up

If anyone loves to click selfies, then that one is going to love the new addition in the Oppo mobile phones. The Chinese smartphone manufacturer brings a new selfie expert phone after gaining immense success from F3 and F3 plus. Yes! The wait for the new Oppo F5 is over, as it has been launched […]

HALLOWEEN Movie Night: Must Watch Movies

It’s a trick or a treat time! Yes, people its Halloween and like every year this year also we are going to celebrate with all the horrific, terribly scary feels. We are going to get dressed in the latest quirky Halloween costumes, join parties and scare people. But there is one more thing that we […]

Delhi SMOG: The Great Chamber of Gas

NOVEMBER 2016 DELHI’S AIR QUALITY PLUNGES ON DIWALI, 42 TIMES HIGHER THAN THE LIMIT- HINDUSTAN TIMES NOVEMBER 2017 TOXIC SMOGS HANGOVER DELHI- INDIA TODAY Approximately 70 years ago a smog covered the streets of London, today a similar situation can be seen in Delhi. Yep! It’s been three days since Delhi is breathing poison as […]



Do you like horror movies? Are you one of those daredevils who stay awake and watch horror documentaries or fear files (Zee TV) at night? Then imagine yourself at those places that actually witness them. Those haunted places where you get the eerie feeling of someone always watching you or following you. A place where […]


Have you ever been surfing the Google play store or the iOS app store to look around for something that may interest you. You may find one, download it, wasted your much precious time on it and the last regret it all. The problem is not that you downloaded it, actually, it is that you […]