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Why India struggles in Sports? The Genuine Truth.

If we inquisitive at Indian sports, we would come to know that India struggles in sports. Since, the sport is a spirit, that encourages a person physically and socially. Ever since a child comes into the world, he/she starts playing happily. Sports is an activity which can play a vital role in the life of […]

North Korea's Missile Testing

North Korea’s hydrogen bomb testing: A knock of danger for other countries

  North Korea has been claiming about the hydrogen bomb testing which reflects their power in the field of science and technology. And, they have successfully completed the same on past Sunday, 3rd September-2017. North Korea's recent hydrogen bomb test produced an energy around 10 times more than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima in 1945. […]

Aadhar Security

WikiLeaks reports can put India’s aadhaar security at risk

WikiLeaks claimed that the securities of the aadhaar data are in danger. Hence, it can put the aadhaar security at risk. As we have been getting the news about the threat. As a result, it can cause a huge disruption for India. In addition, WikiLeaks issued a memo, claiming that US based firm, CIA is […]