3 Ways To Be More Productive

Seeking help to become a more productive individual, one would expect himself to be a swift and efficient person.This is not the modern way of being more productive. These days work efficiency is only a small subset of productivity. Instead of optimizing for robot-like speed, there are other, more important factors, which determine how much we […]

Be Your Own Mediator, Here’s How.

Mediation can also be used to settle issues before they get to an escalation point of no return. Doing this takes some practice and preparation but yields results that are worth the time. Mediation is a legal skill, business skill, but most importantly, it’s a life skill.  Mediation is a conflict resolution technique between two or […]

These 4 stress causers are totally unexpected!

Stress and anxiety are the two fiercest villains of the 21st century. Identifying the major causes of stress is crucial. There are universal stressors everyone deals with such as money, major life changes (think buying a home or getting married), disease, or work, Then there are smaller stressors which might go by unnoticed but are the ones that need to […]

How To Manage Time By Scheduling Your Calender

Millions of people turn to blogs, gadgets and apps in search of productivity advice. Despite having an inbuilt calendar on the smartphones (which about 1 in 3 people possess), only a fraction of people use it. So people who use it deliberately makes up for an even smaller fraction. Unless you’re planning how to spend your time, the world will determine […]

sleep deprivation

Manage Yourself Through Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a painful experience, but many of its most debilitating symptoms are caused by the behavior it encourages. Taking a sharp toll on the human brain and body, Sleep deprivation impairs cognition, motor ability, and mood. Along with judgment power other abilities such as Willpower, memory, and attention all suffer.  You’re more irritable, drop and bump into things, long for sugar, overeat, […]