wedding gown

Most Iconic Wedding Gowns Of All Time

What are the things that come to your mind when you hear the word "lavish"? Multiply the extravagance of them all and what it would precisely equal is a high-end celebrity wedding. With all the flair and drama in place, the nuptial celebrations of these well-known faces are quite a sight to behold. Not all […]

getting rid of social media

Getting Rid Of Social Media : Why Do We Need To?

Have you heard of the saying, "The more you're glued to Facebook and Twitter, the more are the chances of your life going down the gutter"? So haven't I. It doesn’t, however, mean that what it implies is wholly untrue. Let’s be honest with ourselves: how many times in a day do we check our […]


A Guide To Those With Friendship Day Blues

Friendship: one of those words whose essence can’t be contained in the few letters that spell it. If there is something that can not only bind the whole world with a common thread but also make life, for every individual, truly worth it, that is friendship. We can grow into it, fall out of it […]

best road trip

Do’s and Don’t’s To Make It Your Best Road Trip

  image source:       THE PLOT Picture this: You’re couching on the backseat of a car, swaying your head to the tunes of a slow, soft track playing on the stereo, with your eyes closed and a gleam of pleasure curled up in your lips. You dreamily open your eyes, look through the window, […]