halloween costume ideas

Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas For The Upcoming Week!

Halloween is just around the corner, and what could be better than some fun and easy DIY Halloween costume ideas? Rock your party and still stay in the budget. Since these are DIYs, therefore you can upbeat them on tone them down in accordance with what you prefer. These seven unique ideas will make you […]

best clubs in Delhi

The Best Clubs In Delhi To Party Throughout The Weekend!

Delhi is not only the capital but also the clubbing capital of India. The presence of various universities in Delhi means that there is a very large number of students and youngsters in this place. Due to this reason, the pubs and clubs in Delhi are always a very sought after weekend getaway. If your […]

top ten books

A list of top ten books that will change the way you look at life!

There are two definite ways of gaining wisdom: traveling and reading. While we're always too broke and too busy to keep traveling, the other ones quite within our reach. Every book has a different eye for the world, and it lets you to temporarily be that eye. While the list of good literature is endless, […]

achievements of india in science

The Achievements Of India In Science: The Ultimate Benchmarks

After we got independence in 1947 the first scientific milestone that India can be said to have achieved was launching the first Indian satellite Aryabhatta into space in 1975. The chairman of ISRO at that time U R Rao was given major credit for this milestone, rightfully. Since then we have come a long way in […]